Since 1968 over a thousand political campaigns and activist groups have been targeted by the UK's secret police units. Undercover officers were deployed into the lives of members of the public to manipulate and abuse them in the name of averting "subversion" and "public disorder".

The Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) have acted as Britain's secret political police. Tasked with undermining democratic participation in politics, they used the identities of dead children and deceived women into long term intimate sexual relationships; manipulating both personal lives and public life as part of their deployment.

In October 2010 activists started to unmask undercover officers, who had infiltrated a cross section of social justice campaign groups. Building up detailed profiles of who these "spycops" are and how they operated.

The SpyCops Info Podcast features fresh revelations, coverage of the Undercover Policing Inquiry, interviews, current repression and more on a regular basis.

The Undercover Research Group website is currently undergoing a major overhaul as they prepare to present the material relased by the UCPI in an accessible way along with analysis. In the meantime, check out their publication "Was My Friend A Spycop?".